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Raunak Vikas

Design Head / Founder / Editor

Vedant Kshirsagar


Ankan Biswas


Rachis Jas


Ashish Chadda


Sonu Bagde


Abhishek Bansal


Bhavani Sulakhe


Shourya Tripathi


Ritesh Grandhi

Video Tutor

"The world shown has very less to live for but somehow at every step you find something worth fighting for. "

− The Last of Us Review

"The developers want to push its limits even further with this gamer’s dream machine and have aggressively expanded the hardware in the limited edition. "

− CES '15 Update

"Our protagonist Arno Dorian is caught in the fray and is forced to unmask the ones profiting from the reigning bloodbath. "

− Assassin's Creed Unity Review

"The salient features of the anticipated consumer version include Low Latency, 360° Head Tracking and Stereoscopic 3D to mimic natural human vision."

− Oculus Rift Update

About Tesseract

The field of game development has grown exponentially with the onset of next generation consoles and computing systems; and a career in this lucrative and once exclusive profession has become more feasible. Tesseract serves as a bridge between amateur and professional game development; and provides everything an aspiring gamer would need under one roof.